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The only relationship not to change.
The one with your bike.


Some loves don't change

Cycling is racing towards new goals but also chasing the beauties of the past. A life cycle, like a spinning wheel. In Pelizzoli you will find the workshop dedicated to lovers and collectors: a heroic place where you can give shape to vintage looms, bringing back the glorious masterpieces of the past. And give new life to bicycles full of history and affection.

Pelizzoli’s advantage ? Being part of this story itself. And having seen and lived it with your own eyes. You will find all the knowledge of vintage and racing bicycles, of the individual components, geometries, materials and colors. Because the eyes that will supervise your restoration are the same ones that rested on the same masterpieces at the time, setting them up for the next competition.

Alignment and structural control
Sverniciatura telaio e forcella
Repairs and welding
Chrome plating
Painting and pantographs
Original graphics application
Repair and assembly of components
Telaio da restaurare ?

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