For road or track, in steel or aluminum.
Your next custom-made frame is waiting for you.


Frame Builders
since 1967.

Tailored bikes.
Old school.




Watch a dream becoming legend

Road and track frames tailored to your performance. Every detail is customized and built on the basis of your size, following a rigorous method built on 50 years of experience and perfected in collaboration with professionals. To give you the best cycling position, the top of style and the best pedaling sensations.


Frames built to last.
From Como to Beijing.

The history of Pelizzoli is studded with successes among professionals. Hands that have made bicycles used by World Champions and Giro winners, up to ideas exhibited in international museums. A production of excellence capable of lasting. Like the 18 bicycles made for the crossing from Como to Beijing: 18,000 kilometers of legendary reliability. To get you to your destination always, alone or in a group, no matter how fast you want to get there.


Your next classic


Your measurements, your position, your comfort. Measured to the millimeter. The best pedaling, generated by unique bicycles. And when we say unique, we really mean it: no one else will be like yours.


Your next bicycle has a strong soul. The world's best range of new generation high-tech steel and aluminum tubes, for classic and modern handcrafted bicycle frames.

Customer experience

Not a simple e-shop. We guide you step by step: in the workshop we will measure you personally, otherwise we will explain how to correctly take each measurement to make your frame.


Customize your frame

Track or Road? Steel, aluminum or carbon? Make your choice. And then a world of customizations: models, sizes and geometries, different forks, painting, the choice of logos and writings, up to the selection of glossy or matt effects, pantographs and special chrome plating. You will be guided step-by-step in creating the frame you dreamed of, tailor-made for you.


Some loves don't change.

We bring every type of frame back to its ancient splendor. A meticulous work, based on the knowledge of materials, specificities and a profound mastery of each different geometry. Bring us your hidden jewel, it will come back to life.

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