It ‘just another day at Cicli Pelizzoli. Usual traffic in the company, the noises of the experts, are scanned with

customer chat in front of the coffee machine. It was January 27, when the eye falls on the email, the subject of

the Mail quotes like this: “Info Collaboration Fixed Gear Team”. From the  first lines it denotes the passion and

professionalism of the team manager, Cristiano Bongiovanni, Genuine Romagna outspoken, in short, you love

him or hate him! A few weeks later it will be the first meeting in private, where an interesting exchange takes

place of ideas, the partnership is ready to materialize. You do not have to wait long to formalize the whole thing

… Cicli Pelizzoli and Ravens Fixed Crew, enter into a cooperation agreement that will last for a 2017 season.

YELLOW AND RED! These two colors are not chosen randomly, but rather are the official colors of the city of


The first date is 2 April 2017, where We will see in the first road

Team bikes delivered to, and where it occurs Official presentation of

the entire Team at “Santeria Club”.


An amazing afternoon spent close to guys, thrilled to receive each their own handmade frame

and tailor-made !!

Undeniable, that all eyes fall on these fantastic frames, and a racing graphics and captivating!  

RAVENS and Pelizzoli, be present in all four stages of RED HOOK CRIT 2017, in the RED RACE BERLIN

and to all the scheduled races of the Criterium ITALIA!!

We are ready to have fun, spend unforgettable moments together, and who knows, maybe to take us home even

some satisfaction linked to the results!

The whole team Pelizzoli wishes the best to our “Corvi” yellow-red! ALE ‘RAVENS …

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